What Are Deepfakes?

Nowadays, Deepfake videos, audios, and images are very popular. Deepfakes are fake videos, images, or audios which look real.

According to the definition, Deepfakes are digital media where a person in an image or a video is replaced with someone else’s likeness by using machine learning and deep learning techniques. It has three steps extracting, training and creation. Deep learning techniques require a lot of data so, deepfake uses video clips with the feature the people who want to face swap.

In the extraction step, extracting all the frames from video clips, identify and align the faces. The training step…

We talked about the basics of line drawing in computer graphics and the DDA Line Drawing algorithm in the previous article. In this article, I am going to explain another popular scan conversion line algorithm, Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm.

Read my previous article if you want to know more about scan converting a line.

Finding the next pixel in Bresenham’s algorithm

Similar to the DDA algorithm, we need two endpoints, P and Q, to draw a line using Bresengham’s algorithm.

Bresenham’s algorithm only uses integer values, integer comparisons, and additions. This makes Bresenham’s algorithm more efficient, fast, and easier to calculate than the DDA algorithm.

Once we…

In computer graphics, we need to represent continuous graphics objects using discrete pixels. This process is known as scan conversion. Every graphics system must transform the primitives like lines, circles, and ellipses into a collection of pixels.

Line drawing algorithms are used to draw a line in discrete graphical media. There are three line drawing algorithms in computer graphics.

  1. DDA algorithm (Digital Differential Analyzer)
  2. Midpoint algorithm
  3. Bresenham’s line algorithm

Today I am going to introduce the DDA algorithm and explain how it works.

Before continuing with the algorithm, let’s recall the line equation.

The Line Equation

Welcome back to the third OWASP Juice Shop tutorial. In our previous tutorials, you learned how to solve the Login Admin challenge and how to access the Scoreboard and Admin Section in Juice Shop.

Today, I am planning to solve XSS Tier 0 challenge by performing a reflected XSS attack and the XSS Tier 1 challenge by performing a DOM XSS attack. before solving the challenges, let’s understand what is an XSS (also known as Cross-site scripting) attack.

What is Cross-site scripting (XSS)?

Cross-site scripting is a common security vulnerability usually found in web applications. This vulnerability allows attackers to manipulate a vulnerable website so…

Welcome back to the OWASP Juice Shop tutorial. From the previous tutorial, we learned what is OWASP Juice shop, How to set up the OWASP juice shop, and how to solve the login admin challenge using SQL injection.

In this tutorial, I am going to solve the Scoreboard and Admin section challenges by inspecting the client resources. The Juice shop web page has a hidden scoreboard page and administration section of the store. The challenge is to find these hidden webpages. …

What is OWASP Juice Shop?

OWASP Juice Shop is a vulnerable web application for security risk awareness and training. It is an open-source project written in Node. js, Express, and Angular.

OWASP Juice Shop is supposed to be the opposite of a best practice or template application for web developers.

In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to solve challenges in OWASP Juice Shop using basic SQL injections.

Before getting into that, let’s look at what is SQL injection?

SQL injection is a common vulnerability where an attacker injects malicious SQL code into the SQL query running on the server-side. …

what is a cron expression?

Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix operating systems. It helps to schedule repetitive jobs to run at fixed times, dates, or intervals.

Cron expression consists of six or seven fields, separated by white space, which describes individual details of the schedule.

Cron expression takes the following format:

<secs> <mins> <hours> <days of month> <months> <days of week> <years>

Note: <year> is an optional field

As I mentioned cron expression represents time.

As an example,

0 0 2 * * ? * represents every day at 02:00 AM


0 0 12 1L * ? * represents Every month…

What is React Native?

Before we begin to start the implementation let’s find out what React Native is. React Native is a JavaScript Framework to build native mobile applications. It uses Native Modules and Native Components which improves the application performance. One of the advantages of using react native is you can use the same implementation for deployment on both iOS and Android platforms. And also react native has ‘Live Reload’ feature, which immediately display the latest changes you have made to the code.

I assume that you are familiar with ReactJS. So let’s dig into React Native.

Let’s Start

I have Node v8 installed and…

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